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Professional Technical Support

We provide technical support services small- and medium-sized businesses directly to your PC remotely or set up your hosting servers on your behalf.

Software Setup & Training

We provide technical support services directly to your PCs from our office without having to send a technician on-site using remote desktop management software. This makes for faster service and lower costs. Our service offers features at prices any business can afford. 

  • Gmail & Outlook email
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Training – Basic Software
  • Mobile Devices set up
  • Email Domain
  • Office 365 Setup & Training
  • SharePoint Setup and Training
  • Cloud Based Phone Setup
  • Virus Security Consulting and Setup (Firewalls)
  • Online Cloud-Based Data Base Backup, Team Collaboration and File Storage Solutions

Consulting Services

We provide technical consulting services for every new client –FREE of charge-, covering what you might need for your business, and also what you do not. We do this right from our office without having to send staff on-site by using the latest web based conferencing tools that are simple to use, making the whole process very fast and convenient. We can help find the perfect software, cloud phone services, payment services, and collaboration tools to help your upstart business grow or to help manage the ongoing growth of your mid-sized business.

Hosting Solutions

We can handle all the details before and after the launch of your website and/or mobile app so that you can focus on your business. Ask about our package deals.

  • Website/App backend hosting
  • Domain name setup and hosting
  • Email setup and hosting
  • Website platform updates
  • Content updates
  • Monthly or quarterly billing for everything

Hardware / Cloud Services

Many people are surprised to discover that dedicated hardware is very often not necessary or even advantageous. We can setup cloud alternatives to server hardware and services that are more responsive, more secure, and much more cost effective.. If you do require a specialized on-premise solution, rest assured that our network of IT professionals can handle even the most daunting implementations.


A Team Of Professionals

When you work with Techmond’s team of professionals you benefit from a dedicated working relationship and we will see your project through to completion, on time and on budget – and TechMondo will still be there to advise you long after the invoice is paid. 

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